Coping with breaking up

The Powerful Psychological Formula

To Stop The Emotional Pain

Of The Break Up

In JUST 30 Seconds!”

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I know; you are in pain right now! Trust me; I know what it feels like.


I am a professional dating and relationship coach who hasElaine M.D. dating and relationship coach worked with hundreds, even thousands of broken hearts just like you. And I know how painful it is to go through the emotional stages of a break up.


That’s why what I’m about to give you right on this page will...


Stop Your Pain Almost Immediately!


Are you experiencing any of the following? (Check all that apply)


Do you reminisce about your ex?


Are you day dreaming about the past events?


Are your memories driving you crazy?


Are you scared that you will never experience the kind of love you shared with your ex again?


Do you feel sorry for yourself?


Do you feel dysfunctional and not able to concentrate on important things while all you can think of is your ex?


 Do you feel this pain is by far the most excruciating emotional pain you’ve experienced in a long time?


 Do you want more than anything to stop this pain right now?


 Would you do anything in your power to stop this pain and start living a happy fulfilling life again?


Would you do anything in your power to become your most attractive to your ex again?


If you’ve answered YES to any one or more of the questions above, what you are about to discover on this page will be the most important information you will ever read!


Right on this page I will show you how you can put your past behind, eliminate your emotional pain and suffering, move onto a life full of happiness, and never look back again!


I know you are skeptical right now. And I don’t blame you because I know exactly what it’s like to go through what you are going through right now.


I have worked with hundreds, even thousands of women and men as well who went through the exact same thing that you are going through right now.


They were falling apart when I met them, constantly thinking about their ex’s, reminiscing every minute they spent together, wanting more than anything for this pain to stop…


And they were skeptical just like you are right now… because they thought that the pain of such intensity could never go away!


And they were wrong… because once I began working on reprogramming their thoughts; they began to see the light!


And very quickly they moved on and started living a happy life again, meeting new people, going out on dates, enjoying simple pleasures, working on their prosperous careers, traveling the world, meeting and dating new people, forming new relationships and getting married!


Why Crying Over Your Break Up Can Make a Permanent Damage On Your Life, Your
Self-Esteem and Your Future


When I was in college a friend of mine suffered a break up from her boyfriend due to his move to another country. She struggled for years not being able to forget him… She got asked out a lot, but she always refused to go out with other men… She knew there was no hope, but she continued to carry the pain of the break up in her heart…


The reason she had such a hard time moving on was because she simply did not know that it was within her power to completely change her thinking, reprogram the way she felt and move onto a new happy life.


Had she only known what you are going to learn when she first realized the break up was real and inevitable, she could have moved on sooner and begun to live the life full of happiness and security from knowing a new love in her life would be with her forever!


What you are going to learn will change the way you feel about your break up, your past and your loss and will give you a completely new perspective on the break up, bring happiness back in your life and eliminate the pain of the break up from your life completely, entirely and permanently!


Why Staying In Contact With Your

Ex After a Break Up

Will ONLY Intensify Your Pain


Many people try to cling onto their ex’s at all cost for a mere glimpse of hope that the ex will realize what they’ve lost and take them back, or even take them back because they will begin to feel sorry or guilty. HUGE MISTAKE!


Some women will even go to the extent that they will continue having sex with their ex’s just to be able to see them on any terms because it hurts so much to stay away from your ex that you would rather see him on a rare occasion knowing that his heart doesn’t belong to you anymore and that he is perhaps already dating other people, than eliminate him from your life entirely.


Here is what happens if you stay in contact with your ex and worse yet continue having sex with your ex…


You will witness with your own eyes your ex dating other people and starting new relationships… you will see that your ex does not care about you anymore… and it will make the pain even worse…


What makes it even harder is that by keeping in contact with your ex you are preventing yourself from moving on… because the more time you spend apart in between the occasional dates, constantly awaiting the next chance to see your ex, obsessing whether the next hook up is going to happen or not, and when… the more you grow attached to your ex while your ex is getting more and more detached


Moreover, your neediness grows exponentially when you are in such situation… and the best way to prevent your attachment to your ex from growing stronger is to stop seeing your ex completely!


But you know that those rare moments when you are together still feel as if you were still in the past… and those moments actually feel good at times… but every time you go back home alone it becomes a much more painful struggle! Once again, your pain is more severe because every time you leave your ex’s place you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms and withdrawal pain!


This is why you must stop seeing your ex completely! It will be hard, but the pain will go away once you start using the strategies I am going to give you!


What you are going to learn are the better and more effective strategies that will make a much better effect on your state of mind than seeing your ex or keeping in contact with your ex!


The strategies that I am about to teach you will not have the “side effect” which contact with your ex has, which is the high level of withdrawal pain when you part ways with your ex!


The Most Common Mistakes People Make

After a Break Up


Do you know the most common mistakes people make after a break up?


If not, read on, because you are probably making the same mistakes with your ex.


And these mistakes can cost you dearly!


When we try desperately to get a hold of our ex’s hoping that they’d change their mind about the break up, or perhaps hoping to get a closure, or even hoping just to find out what’s going on… regardless of our plausible reasons… we come off as stalkers… and this is a big NO-NO!


Not only can it get you in trouble with the ex, it could also get you in trouble with the law.


Stalking your ex is not the way to make your ex love you or like you again. It is time to admit that it’s over, accept that it is what it is, and to start healing.


Regardless of whether you want to try to get back together with your ex or are simply trying to accept the fact that it’s over, you need a powerful strategy, a step-by-step plan on how to get over the pain of the break up, accept the fact that your relationship is over, and move onto the life of happiness and love!


And I have this plan for youthis is exactly what you need if you are currentlyget over your ex e-book dealing with a relationship break up!


I have put your plan on moving on from a bad relationship break up into an e-book which you can download on your computer Right Now and Start Getting Over your ex Within Minutes!


What you are going to learn is:


         how to deal with the pain of a break up in a way that will alleviate your pain immediately - 30-Second Relief From The Pain Of The Break Up



         how to use NLP techniques that have worked for people time and time again to break your pattern of addiction to the memories of your ex and let go of them completely



         how to break mental associations that are causing you so much pain and suffering



         the stages of the process that everyone who gets dumped goes through and what you should expect in each and how to minimize if not completely eliminate the negative emotions of each stage



         the 7 steps to healing your broken heart



         specific exercises that only take minutes a day that will make your pain go away completely, and the effect although temporary, will last anywhere from several minutes up to several hours



         specific exercises that will ensure you completely and entirely let go of your ex and start living a happy life again leaving your baggage behind


And much more…


After working with hundreds, if not thousands of women worldwide helping them get their ex’s back, I realized that a lot of time we actually do not need to get our ex’s back.


A lot of times you are much better off moving on, getting over and finding a true soul mate and true love!


But even if you are thinking about getting your ex back, you must know that as long as your ex senses your desperation and neediness, you will not be able to get back together with your ex until you fix this!



Whether you decide to move on, or to try to get your ex back, you need...

“7 Steps to Healing Your Broken Heart – a Guide to Leaving It Behind and Moving on to Abundance and Happiness”


You need this guide if:


         Your ex has just dumped you & you want to stop the initial pain of the break upget over your ex e-book


         You and your ex have been broken up for a while but you can’t seem to get over and move on


         You and your ex have major differences in relationship goals, and you want to learn how to move on


         You and your ex have broken up repeatedly but keep getting back together even though it’s not working and you know that you better off without him


         You want to get back together with your ex but he doesn’t want you back because you are acting needy and you want to get rid of the feeling of neediness so you can get them back




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Why You Can’t Procrastinate


You may be thinking that time heals all. But you can’t be farther away from the truth!


Successful people know that in order to achieve your dreams, you must take action!


Without action, nothing is going to change!


You may spend days, weeks, months, even years crying over your ex, but the time spent suffering is not going to make the situation less painful.


Unless you take action now, the time you will spend suffering will only prolong the unhappy phase in your life; it will not heal your wounds, it will only make them worse!


Contrary to the popular belief, time does not heal!


Time makes it worse and prolongs your pain!


You may be giving a serious thought to getting this guide right now...

... so do it because if you were to come back later, after a long painful struggle to finally get this guide, you will have just wasted your precious time struggling needlessly.


And you will wish you had ordered it weeks, even months ago.


Sometimes we are hesitant to take action right away!


You may be trying to justify your procrastination… and here is what is going to happen…


You will continue struggling, because without a plan of action, without the understanding of the process and without the step-by-step guide and without knowing the specific exercises which this guide will teach you and which have helped hundreds, even thousands of people get over the pain of the break up you will not be able to deal with your pain on your own.


You will come back to this page later, looking for this guide, and you may not even be able to find it again!


And if you are lucky, when you find this page again, and get this guide eventually, you will regret not having gotten it sooner!


You will still get it, but you will regret wasting your precious time in needless pain and suffering when you could have gotten this guide much sooner and could have stopped the pain a long time ago!


Here Is The Deal:


special offerLike with all of my newly published book I first offer it at a substantially reduced price for the first few dozens of orders.


After the initial launch the price of my products always goes up, and never goes down to the price that the product was first offered at.


Right now, you still have the time to get this guide quickly, at a substantially reduced price, because if you are now reading this page, you are one of the early birds who gets the gold.




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Even If You Are Hoping That You Will

Get Back Together With Your Ex,

You Need This Guide and Here Is Why…


You may be thinking, but what if I get back together with my ex? In that case, I probably shouldn’t get over him and forget him? And you probably want to just wait and see if your ex wants you back and if there is hope for you and your ex…




From my experience working with hundreds of broken up couples, as long as you are crying over your ex, your ex will not want you back!


And this is because when you are sad, unhappy, and have low self-confidence… when your self-esteem has suffered tremendously due to the break up… when you are experiencing pain and fear… when your ex sees you as a “sick puppy” waiting to be put on a leash and led anywhere your ex wants to take you… you will not be able to attract your ex to you again!


In order for you to become attractive to your ex again, you must get over your ex!


You must become happy again before you can attract your ex!


We don’t want to be around people who are sad and down…


We don’t want to be around those who are in deep depression, are dysfunctional and are crying all the time…


If you send a vibe that you are co-dependent on your ex…


If your ex feels (and believe me, they will) that you are still crazy about them… they will not want you back!


If you want to get back together with your ex… YOU MUST LEARN TO GET OVER YOUR EX FIRST!



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FAQ About Your Purchase:


question - How Soon Can I Expect To Feel Relief From My Pain?


The strategies in this guide range from immediate relief strategies meaning that your pain will alleviate as fast as 30 seconds, to strategies that will cure your pain permanently.


There are also exercises that you will learn which will ensure your pain does not come back in the future.


question - How many pages are is this guide?


This guide is 97 pages including front and back cover pages. The word count is over 18,000 words.


question - Why are there so many words? Do I need to read all of it at once to start experiencing relief from my emotional pain?


This guide is divided into chapters. Some chapters deal with instant relief; some deal with strategies to get rid of your emotional pain permanently; and some chapters will teach you how to prevent pain from ever reoccurring.


For faster relief from pain I recommend that you start with the chapters at the beginning of this guide. Once you start feeling better, do the techniques described further down in this guide to ensure permanent effect.


For best results, read this entire guide at least once without skipping anything.


question - Is it guaranteed to work?


If you do the exercises given in this guide it’s like going to a clinical hypnotist or NLP practitioner, but much cheaper and you don’t even have to leave your house.


It has worked for most people who genuinely applied the techniques described in this guide.


Just like with everything in life individual results may vary. Average user experienced significant relief by trying these techniques.


See What My Private Coaching Customers Say About These Techniques:


I was in an off and on relationship with a married man for 10 years. He kept promising to leave his wife but never did.

After working with Elaine for about 6 weeks I finally moved on and started dating again.

It was a huge relief after struggling through my yo-yo relationship for so many years!

~ H.C.,

San Francisco, CA, USA

I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with my friend. After our break up I suffered severe depression.

Elaine helped me find peace and see things  from a different perspective. I feel a lot better now and we’ve only had three telephone sessions so far. I recommend her services to anyone who is going through a break up!

~ Anastasia L.

Huntington Beach, CA, USA


question - What if I am not an average user and after trying these techniques I still miss my ex and want to try to them back anyway?


free bonusI thought of that too, so I decided to give you something VERY SPECIAL absolutely FREE:


To make sure you get more than you pay for, when you ORDER TODAY you will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE with your order –


Special Bonus - Get Your Ex Back Audio Program


get your ex backThis audio is recorded on MP3


It will teach you everything there is to know about how to get your ex back if you want to get them back.


There is a total of 9 audio files (26 MB in file size). 

You will learn:


What not to do if you want your ex back


How to make your ex fall in love with you again


How to re-make the commitment


And everything else there is to learn about getting back together with your ex!


If you have had a chance to browse around the web, you already know that the industry standard pricing for programs that teach you how to get your ex back starts at $40 - $50 for e-books as thin in content as around 50 pages.


But you probably already know that I always OVERDELIVER!


This is why I have decided to include this Get Your Ex Back program for you COMPLETELY FREE just to make sure that you are happy with your purchase!


You simply can’t lose with this deal!



question - How fast is this product including the E-Book and Get Your Ex Back Audio Program delivered to me?


This is an instant download. After you click on Add To Cart Button you will be prompted to the next page.


On that page you will need to confirm what you are getting and proceed to a Secure Payment Page. Orders are processed securely through PayPal.


You can pay with your PayPal account or a credit card.


After your payment goes through, please make sure to click on the link that says “Complete your purchase” or “Return To Merchant”. Once you click on that link you will be immediately transferred to the download page.


If you accidentally close the page, do not panic because the download instructions will be also sent to your e-mail address which you will provide at the time of purchase.


This product is close to 27 MB in size, so please make sure you do not close the download page until everything has downloaded.


If you need technical support, e-mail us at support [at]


We typically respond to inquiries in the order they are received and during our normal business hours from 9 PM to 5 PM PST.


Because we are a small company it is much faster if you e-mail us rather than calling us. If you call outside of our normal business hours the office will be closed, but e-mail support is much faster and may be available outside of our normal business hours.



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To Your Success!

 Elaine MD


 Elaine M.D.

Coping with breaking up